Friday, January 21, 2011

Instant Sculpture

 For my instant sculpture using household items, I decided to use aluminum foil! At first I wasn't too sure on what I could do with aluminum foil, until I came up with the idea of making a face mask! I began by placing the aluminum foil over my face and really making sure the nose, eyes, and mouth were molded onto the aluminum foil. I also decided to create little people out of aluminum foil to really show the artistic elements. When using the foil, I noticed a few artistic elements such as shape and texture
The texture of the foil is what really gives the mask and the tin men its shape. The rough texture that the aluminum foil contains makes it simple for the image to really stand out. To demonstrate the simplicity of molding things using aluminum foil, I decided to make people. As mentioned, the rough texture allowed for the shape to come out faster. In addition to texture, another artistic element is balance. Even though it may not seem like this face mask contains balance. According to Schirrmacher and Fox (2009), there are two types: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. Symmetrical being equally balance and asymmetrical being objects that are not equally balanced (p.144). To me, this face mask seems to be symmetrical since the nose and the eyes are equally balanced. 
In relation to the aluminum tin men, the artistic element found in this sculpture is a line. The lines of the foil have the arms, legs and body of the tin men to really stick out and forming the overall shape. 
Having done this assignment made me realize that anything or maybe even everything out there has some sort of artistic element. In this case, something as simple as aluminum foil and face masks! Also, the use of open-ended materials allowed me to create anything  I wanted and therefore it can be give to children as well. Children can use open-ended materials to explore and create whatever they are feeling, therefore for my future teachings, open-ended materials will most certainly will be included in my creative arts center. I wonder what children will create with aluminum foil? 

Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2009). Art and creative development for young children (6th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Delmar. 

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