Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Creative Inspiration!

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a word that you can’t really find an exact definition for.  In my view, everyone is creative in their own way. Whether it’s through painting, photography, dancing, or even baking! Baking may not seem something that you can be creative with since a cake is a cake and cupcakes are cupcakes they all look the same. But what if you were to go extreme and change the shape and size of the cake!  For example, Chef Buddy Valastro creating a fire station with just edible ingredients, now that’s creative!


When I was younger, my sisters and I always enjoyed playing with our dolls after school.  We wouldn’t ever play with one of those real dollhouses instead we would just pretend. Until one day we came up with the idea of using legos and whatever was around us to make this extreme dollhouse for our dolls. We used legos to build the shape and walls of the house and used paper towels as blankets and cotton balls as pillows! As we played, each day we would add new things we would find around the house that we felt could be used in our “mansion”.  We would glue tissue paper on the walls so that the walls would look nice and painted. Our bathtub was the bottom of a big bottle of water that was simply cut and painted blue in the inside! The dollhouse consisted of pretty much recyclable items that were used at refrigerators, blankets, rugs etc.  My sisters and I got into building this house that we then wanted to build one for ourselves! Instead of paper towels and cotton balls, we used big blankets that we would place over a tall pole and underneath the blanket we would place chairs as dividers for rooms. Simply being creative with the materials that were surrounding us and using them to building our very own fort! 

Anyone can be creative! Grabbing something so simple as a rubber band and making it the shape of an animal has become something so big! Being creative, in my opinion, is expressing yourself in what you're passionate for. Creating something different by simply trying new things and problem solving your way through. It can be the way you structure an essay, or write a poem. You can even be creative through sports! In many sports you come up with a creative plays (that the opposing team doesn’t know of) to have your team win the game! 

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