Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Community Arts Project

Poster for our project
Our objective to our community arts project was to bring awareness to the inequalities educators in comparison to teachers. My group and I put together a creative website, which showed who we are and what were the issues that we needed to get across and what were we planning to do to make a change. Some of the main issues my group and I included in the website were: payment, education, gender, and equal partnership. Even though we made a website, it was not really published since the presentation was not really a real campaign, however if we were to continue our project and move forward to find equality, than in that case we would publish the website. We used the arts to communicate our big idea by creating the poster in the picture above, and with the informative website. The poster would be posted around Toronto and at the bottom there is a link to the website, which people would use for more information.

Overall, I feel the presentation went well, we may have rushed it, but we were able to get everyone's attention on the cause and get our ideas across. After my group and I presented, we did not get feedback from our peers since it had to be a quick transition due to the amount of people presenting and the amount of time. However, the professor said it was a great-looking website, and it was a good project in general. Nonetheless, if I were to present this same objective again, I would definitely change it up a bit. I would make it more creative, find more ways in which people can help, and make a blog or an additional social networking site in order for people to gain information about our project.

This week's "art word of the week" I believe would be design or composition. According to Schirrmacher and Fox (2009), design or composition "is the overall mark of success, the standard of achievement..." (p. 142). I believe these words fit perfectly with our presentation since our design and layout of our website was used to catch the reader's attention.

I believe that doing a project similar to this one would be interesting for children to try out. Not necessarily going into full detail, but getting an idea that is really bothering them and find a way to share it to the class. It gives children the ability to think freely and come up with a creative way to share the class what are their thoughts and feelings towards some issues in the classroom and what peers and teachers can do differently to support. 

Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2009). Art and creative development for young children (6th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Delmar. 

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