Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guerilla Art

This weeks blog was to go out and leave a mark, guerilla art. The purpose of guerilla art, also known as street art, is to leave anonymous art pieces wherever you want and see the reactions that people have towards your artwork. When thinking of what to do as my guerilla art, I decided I wanted to do something fun. Something that people can actually participate in rather than just starring at it. Therefore, I decided to draw a couple of footsteps with sidewalk chalk around the Ryerson quad. Once finished, I stepped back and allowed for people to walk by and see what they would do when looking at the footsteps. After a few people simply walking by and starring, there was one person who smiled and jumped on each footstep and laughed when finished. Proving that guerilla art can sometimes be just plain fun!

I believe guerilla art is all about being creative in what you are displaying. Finding a creative way to have people's attention and look at your artwork. According to Schirrmacher and Fox (2009) creativity is "the ability to see things in new ways or combine unrelated things into something new" (p. 364). Creativity is seeing things in new ways, my guerilla art may not be seen in a new way but others' guerilla art may have different ways and meanings when looking at it.

As a future early childhood educator, I believe this would be an interesting activity to apply with children. It wouldn't necessarily need to be out on the street it can be at a park or in around their own homes, making it a fun experience for them. I feel that it is importnat for children to go out and try new things that they are not used to doing in the classroom. It would be interesting to see what type guerilla art they were to come up with!

My Guerilla Art


Schirrmacher, R., & Fox, J.E. (2009). Art and creative development for young children (6th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Delmar. 

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